Canine Lymphoma Holistic Treatment

Canine Lymphoma Holistic TreatmentMost conventional Canine Lymphoma treatments, including the various chemotherapy protocols discussed elsewhere on this website, primarily focus on attacking the cancer itself – injecting poisons into the patient’s body in high enough dosages to kill the cancer cells, but in low enough dosages that they won’t kill the patient as well.

Holistic remedies, on the other hand, generally fight the Canine Lymphoma battle from a different perspective – seeking to to boost the patient’s own immune system and natural abilities to fight the disease, in hopes that the patient’s own immune system (with the right support) will be able to slow down or reverse the disease.

And fortunately for you and for your dog, these holistic treatments can have powerful effects — in many cases slowing the growth of the cancer (sometimes for significant periods of time), and in certain cases allowing the patient to live much longer than he would have without these treatments.

For that reason, many vets, including one of the founders of this website, Bob Ulbrich, VMD, often recommend holistic treatments instead of other conventional Canine Lymphoma treatments for many of their Canine Lymphoma patients.

Canine Lymphoma Holistic Treatments —
What You Need to Know

Why Would You Want to try Holistic Canine Lymphoma Treatments?

For many types of dog cancer, modern western treatments (such as chemotherapy, radiation, prednisone, etc.) have limited success treating the disease and limited ability to extend the life of the patient for extended periods of time. Canine Lymphoma is an exception however. As discussed in other sections of this website, in many Canine Lymphoma cases, conventional treatments – especially treatments using Madison Wisconsin ProtocolCAN be effective and providing an extended period of remission from the disease.

So why would you want to treat your dog’s Lymphoma with Holistic Canine Lymphoma care?

There are several reasons, and we’ll touch on some of the most pertinent ones below…

  1. Some guardians simply oppose the use of chemotherapy and other conventional Canine Lymphoma treatments — For a variety of reasons, some guardians simply refuse to use Chemotherapy treatments for their dog — often, because they don’t like the concept of introducing the poisons of chemotherapy into their dog’s system. Also, they fear that these chemotherapy treatments will have severe side effects on their dog. So they refuse to submit their dogs to these treatments.

As we discuss in another section of this website – the side effects of Canine Lymphoma chemotherapy treatments are generally significantly less problematic than most people think – but still some people will refuse to put their dogs through chemotherapy. In those cases, guardians may prefer to use natural holistic treatments, along the lines of the ones discussed in these sections, to help their dog.

  1. The cost of conventional Canine Lymphoma treatments — For some guardians, the cost of the conventional treatments may prevent them from undertaking certain treatments. As we discuss in other sections of this website, the most effective conventional treatments for Canine Lymphoma care – primarily the Madison Wisconsin Protocol – can cost several thousands of dollars and require multiple visits to veterinary specialists to receive. In some cases, this cost and burden can make it prohibitive for guardians to get their dogs this “gold standard” treatment, and unfortunately, the effectiveness rate of other less expensive treatments tends to drop off significantly, to the point where the benefits gained in terms of life extension and remission may be small and not worth it.

Canine Lymphoma Holistic TreatmentIn those cases, many people choose to opt for holistic care, which has the benefit of spreading out the cost of Canine Lymphoma care over a long period of time, and which can, in certain cases, provide extended benefits beyond that available from less effective conventional treatments.

Note that, from a financial perspective there are some other factors to consider for both conventional and holistic care. For example, many conventional treatments may be covered by pet insurance (where available), or in some cases, vets can create payment plans or other options that allow guardians to spread out the cost of these treatments over an extended period of time…

Also, while the cost of holistic Canine Lymphoma care can be significantly lower at any given moment, the cost of these treatments can indeed add up over time – to the point where if your dog lives for a long time (which of course, we all hope he will), holistic treatments could actually be more expensive than other conventional Canine Lymphoma care – though generally we find that guardians are more than happy to pay those expenses over time, because it means that their dogs continue to live longer and longer lives.

  1. Where effective conventional treatments are not convenient or available — Finally, in some cases, it may not be possible for guardians to get their dog to the veterinary oncologist’s office to receive the appropriate chemotherapy treatments – and that may force guardians to choose less effective conventional treatments for their dog instead.

Again, in those cases, where less effective treatments show little potential to significantly extend a dog’s life, most holistic vets will urge patients to consider holistic treatments that, based on their experience, have the potential to match (and even in some cases exceed) the benefits of the top conventional treatments.

As and added benefit, if there are no holistic vets in your local area, it’s even possible to get holistic Canine Lymphoma care over the telephone. One of the founders of this website, Dr. Bob Ulbrich, VMD, and other holistic vets provide consultation by phone and will ship to you any necessary supplements to allow you to provide effective holistic care to your dog from the comfort of your home.

If you’d like to schedule a telephone consultation with Dr. Ulbrich, visit the “about us” page on this website for his contact information – and if you want to order the key essential supplements that Dr. Ulbrich recommends to his Canine Lymphoma patients, you can order those directly from Dr. Ulbrich’s Canine Cancer Supplements website at

Primary Tools for Holistic Canine Lymphoma Care?

As noted above, unlike most conventional dog cancer treatments (chemotherapy, radiation, etc.), which focus on attacking the cancer cells, the primary goal of holistic Canine Lymphoma care is to boost your dog’s natural immune system, and to strengthen his body so your dog can fight back against the cancer on his own.


Canine Lymphoma Holistic TreatmentWe don’t have time to go through a detailed description of all the things you can do for holistic Canine Lymphoma care, but we discuss some of the main keys in the sections below — and if you do choose to follow this holistic care path, we recommend and excellent book called “Fighting Canine Cancer – An Alternative Approach.” The author, Ted Schneck, was a client of Dr. Ulbrich’s. Ted’s dog Marty (“the Wonderdog,”) was treated for cancer by Dr. Ulbrich using holistic care, and Dr. Ulbrich is the supervising mentor for all of the information in Ted’s book. Fighting Canine Cancer lays out in excellent detail the things you can do to help your dog fight cancer naturally. It’s not available in bookstores or on Amazon, but you can get a copy of the book, along with a special $1 trial offer, from Ted’s website – Click here now if you want to learn more.

The Pillars of Holistic Dog Cancer Care…

  1. Diet and Nutrition

    Unfortunately, many of the commercial dog foods on the market do a terrible job of providing proper nutrition for our dogs. Most are filled with byproducts and fillers that are inexpensive but don’t fit our dogs’ nutritional needs – especially when our dogs have cancer. That’s why it’s critical for guardians to analyze the foods they’re feeding their Canine Lymphoma dogs, and make any changes necessary to get them the best possible Canine Lymphoma fighting nutrition.

    The proper Canine Lymphoma Diet is so important, that we’ve created a separate page specifically devoted to it, and you can click here to visit that page.

  2. Creating the Proper Healing Environment

    Dogs’ immune systems are naturally very strong, but when fighting Canine Lymphoma, their immune system needs to devote as much focus as possible on the cancer itself. Unfortunately, in today’s society, the environment (chemicals, etc.) we put our dogs in tends to weaken their immune system and limits their ability to fight the cancer.

    In particular, the biggest culprits to watch out for are pesticides in the yard and chemical cleaners around the house. Unlike humans, who walk upright, several feet away from any chemicals or spray, dogs are right at nose level in these areas — sniffing around at close range, or even worse rolling and playing and sleeping in these chemicals and then licking their fur and swallowing portions of poisons that come from these harsh chemicals.

    A good rule of thumb is that, if you wouldn’t feel comfortable swallowing something – basically because it’s poison – then you should avoid putting these chemicals into your dog’s environment and living areas – because essentially, if you do, they will be inhaling and swallowing these chemicals. And when they do, their immune system will need to deflect away from fighting the cancer in order to protect them from the harmful chemicals that are introduced to their system.

    Another aspect of these chemicals in their environment, are the things we spray on, or inject into, our dogs. The worst culprits here are modern “pesticide based flea remedies” – such as Frontline or Advantage. These remedies are essentially low grade pesticides, which while not necessarily dangerous to healthy dogs, can have serious damage in preventing the immune system of dogs fighting Canine Lymphoma from focusing directly on the important battle against the cancer.

    And on a similar side note – injecting a dog with cancer with any immunization (including rabies or any other regularly scheduled vaccination) can be devastating to dogs fighting Canine Lymphoma. Essentially, these vaccinations work by tricking the immune system into believing that some terrible disease has entered the body, so the system can build up antibodies against that terrible disease. Which can be great, if you want to make sure that your dog avoids some potentially terrible disease in the future.

    But when a dog has cancer, they already have a terrible disease, and as we said above, if they are going to have any chance of success, their immune system needs to stay focused on fighting the cancer. Vaccinations are so dangerous for dogs with cancer, that one author (Dr. Shawn Messonier in his book “The Natural Vet’s Guide to Preventing and Treating Cancer in Dogs” which you can find on Amazon, here) described vaccinating a dog with cancer as “like pouring gasoline on the fire.” For that reason, you can almost always work with your vet to get medical exceptions from any local rabies or other vaccination requirements.

  3. Supplements for Canine Lymphoma Care

    While our dogs’ natural immune system can be very strong, Canine Lymphoma is a powerful disease, an for that reason dogs generally need added support to slow the cancer and help their immune systems stay as strong as possible. Fortunately, there are a number of natural vitamins and supplements that can be extremely helpful to support dogs fighting Canine Lymphoma.

    Again, we don’t have the ability to go into a detailed description of all the holistic supplements available to help your dog (there are many), but we have created a separate Canine Lymphoma Supplements page to discuss several powerful options, and if you want the try key essential supplements that Dr. Ulbrich recommends to his Canine Lymphoma patients, you can order those directly from Dr. Ulbrich’s Canine Cancer Supplements website at

  4. Energy Work and Other Holistic Canine Lymphoma Treatments

    The more we can do to support the strength and energy of our dogs with Canine Lymphoma, the better they’ll be able to fight back against the disease. So in addition to proper diet and nutrition, supplements, etc., anything else we can do to cleanse and strengthen our dogs will provide benefit in this cancer battle.

    From Homeopathic Treatments, to Acupuncture, to Chiropractic care, Reiki, etc., there are an abundance of treatments that provide healing and support for our pets. Most of these treatments are provided by licensed holistic veterinarians, but others can be provided by other energy healers in the community. And different treatments can have different effectiveness on each of our dogs – so we recommend that you research and learn what types of energy work, treatments, and healers are available in your community, and give them a try to evaluate them and try to see what works for your particular dog.


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