Canine Lymphoma Chemotherapy Cost

While cost of canine lymphoma chemotherapy treatments will vary widely depending on the types of protocol used, the ______, [size of your dog], etc.

Additionally, in some cases where your dog falls out of remission it may be necessary to do a second (or possibly even a 3rd) round of chemotherapy treatments which will obviously

As such, it’s impossible to give a specific description

For the staging process – If you did full blood work, chest x-rays, abdominal ultrasound and a bone marrow aspirate – the full set of tests required for a complete staging of the disease, the cost at Dr. Freeman’s office is approximately $1,200. That’s why, as we described on the page that discusses staging, Dr. Freeman rarely does the full panel of staging tests, instead opting to choose only a few of the tests that are much less expensive, and while not giving her 100% of the information that a full staging tests would give, give more than enough information to let the caretaker make effective choices about the patients treatment care.

Instead, she generally focuses only on the chest x rays and a full blood panel, maybe $500. Often you can get a lot of the information that you need for less than half the cost.

However, here are some broad estimates to give you a sense

  • For the Madison Protocol, for the average dog, over the course of the full 6 months of treatment, the cost at Dr. Freeman’s office is approx $5,000 to $7,000 depending on size of the dog being treated. That estimate includes the cost of all of the drugs, all of the blood tests, visits, exams, etc. – But it does NOT include the preliminary staging.
  • For the ________ Protocol – $______ to $______ depending on ______, ____ and ______
  • For the ________ Protocol – $______ to $______ depending on ______, ____ and ______
  • For the ________ Protocol – $______ to $______ depending on ______, ____ and ______
  • For the ________ Protocol – $______ to $______ depending on ______, ____ and ______

The cost of conventional Canine Lymphoma Treatment can vary based among other things on the size of the dog being treated.

During the period after the 6 month Madison Protocol treatments, during the remission period, expenses will be minimal, just to cover follow up check ups. Dr Freeman generally has her patients come in about once per month for follow up check ups, for as long as the dog remains healthy and symptom free.

But then once you start seeing signs that the pet is falling out of remission, the quicker you can notice this and get started on follow up treatments as soon as possible. For this reason, vets generally teach caregivers how to feel for lymphnodes and know what they’re looking for, and bring their dog to their vets as soon as they suspect that the Lymphoma has returned.

Keep in mind that in many cases pet insurance (if you have it for your dog) can often help cover a significant portion of this Canine Lymphoma chemotherapy cost, so your actual out of pocket payment for these treatment costs may be significantly less.


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